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As an experienced landscaper in Leduc, Landesign Ltd. is dedicated to educating our residential and commercial customers about the many aspects of landscaping. From discussing the merits of incorporating more trees into your landscaping design to discussing what you should know about drainage and brickwork, you’ll find a wealth of information in our most recent blog topics:


An Empire of Dirt … and you could have it all! Landesign offers screened topsoil sales and delivery. Delivery of topsoil is available to the Leduc and Greater Edmonton Area. For information and rates, please contact Brent.


Trees are the most prominent structural element of the landscape, and are primarily selected for the purpose of enframement, accentuation, skyline articulation, background, enclosure, screening and climate control. It is easy to find trees being used for any or all of these purposes in the larger landscape, but in the smaller landscape situations, such as residential gardens, the primary use of trees is more limited.


When your neighbourhood or business district was still untouched by human hands, chances are that rainwater was absorbed mostly by soil. However, roofs and paved surfaces collect water and concentrate it in small areas so that soil has a very difficult time absorbing it. This results in runoff, erosion and even flooding.


Brickwork adds style and function to any landscape. It is a durable and attractive building material which will last years when properly installed and maintained. Paving stones are increasingly the material of choice when implementing hard-surfaced features into a project. In Alberta, we are constantly forced to adapt to frost-heave in the shoulder seasons. One of the major advantages of brick over concrete is its ability to adapt to minor sub-surface soil movements. Where concrete would crack, the modular nature of a well-installed brick feature would simply adjust to the shift. Repairs are also much simpler and less time consuming…


Landscaping can make a world of difference in both the appeal and value of a property. It can also tell the world much about your tastes, activities and personality. Property owners who decide to hire a contractor to build a landscape will usually achieve more successful results if they first identify their goals. There are many ways to emphasize different features of a landscape, which include beauty, privacy, safety and convenience, recreation, entertaining and ease of maintenance. Deciding which of these qualities you wish to emphasize can be a key factor in determining your overall satisfaction with your environment for…


The newest edition to the Landesign equipment arsenal is a shiny, new “Turf Maker” Hydroseeder. This robust and versatile unit allows us to tackle any hydroseeding application we can throw at it! Our ability to offer hydroseeding to our clients in the Leduc and Edmonton area gives them even more options for completion of their landscaping projects. For more information or to book a hydroseeding job, please contact Brent!